Monday, March 5, 2012

What We Do

Our mentors work closely with veterans to advise them on how to develop standout college and graduate school applications. We focus on the autobiographical components of the applications, such as statements of purpose and essay questions, because we believe these offer the best opportunity for servicemembers to demonstrate their value to prospective educational institutions.

We provide customized guidance in the decisions all applicants must make, such as how many and which schools to apply to, how to choose courses and majors, and where to find extra preparation applicants might seek before starting college. We also advise veterans in setting educational goals and identify the institutions best suited to meet them.

We match veterans with mentors familiar with the kinds of academic programs that interest them. Collectively, our mentors are familiar with a wide variety of schools and programs, with years of experience teaching and advising college students. Many are themselves veterans of the U.S. military.

We also offer workshops on a variety of topics relevant to the application process, which can be conducted on base, nearby, and online. Topics include:

◦ Choosing Colleges, Majors, and Courses

◦ Grad School Options

◦ Application Strategies: Recommendations, Résumés, Campus Visits

◦ The Personal Statement

◦ The College Experience: What to Expect, How to Prepare